Oh no! Lost your Office password?
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What do the pros use?

Office Password Recovery Professional

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Will recover your password quickly, no matter how long or complex
Provides multilingual support and can recover passwords in Latin, Cyrillic characters and hieroglyphs
Uses a variety of powerful attacks  (SmartSearch, BruteSearch,  and dictionary-based), and applies them one by one and in combination with each other

Recovers your password instantly iwhen there is weak encryption
Processes multiple files simultaneously which means very fast recovery speeds
Allows you to provide information about the password and to choose the program priority mode
User-friendly interface enables you to start password recovery with just one click
 Autosave feature--very Convenient
Free updates and professional technical support for 12 months
Guarantees and certifications for Office Password Recovery


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Screenshot of Office Password Recovery at work.

Password Pros To The Rescue!
It doesn't matter what your password is, Office Password Recovery will help you to get your files open in a flash. Even if your password is the most complicated one possible, that is made up of 30 letters and full of various characters and foreign language scripts, Office Password Recovery Pro will still be able to get your password recovered quickly and easily!

Free Download - Recover That Password Now!

The All-In-One Password Recovery Phenomenon

Office Password Recovery is the only password solution you will ever need for all Microsoft Office programs. It will find any forgotten or lost passwords that you need, to get you into your Microsoft Office files. Office Password Recovery works with all versions of Microsoft Office. This will instantly obtain all formatting and editing restrictions, locked cells protection, and shared protection passwords. Give it a try today!

How to Download and Install

Office Password Recovery Pro

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(The video mentions Office 2003, but it works for all versions)
First scan, then recover That Office Password Now!

Like What You See? 

It is no secret of how powerful this software is. Office Password Recovery is recognized as the most powerful recovery tool for all Microsoft Office applications. No matter how tough your passwords are, it will be able to recover all those that are forgotten or lost so that you can open your files and modify them. This isn't difficult  with Office Password Recovery because it does it with ease and speed!

Now you can download a basic version before you purchase!  
Free Download - Recover That Password Now!

Password recovery today and every day!

You will never have to worry again about forgetting or losing your Microsoft Office Passwords because Office Password Recovery PRO will always be there to save the day! Just keep it on hand at home or at the office and it's there anytime you need it. No more panic when an old document cannot be opened because of a misplaced password!

It will immediately find all of those lost or forgotten passwords, and document protection passwords in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, OneNote, and Outlook, too! And more! No matter which office program you have lost your password for, you will be covered!

Get those MS Office passwords back right now!

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